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If you're looking for a work at home job, legitimate employers will NEVER ask you for money.  NEVER pay someone to work for them!  If you find one that does on my site, please report it ASAP to Stephanie@betweenmoms.com  so it can be removed.  Check back often for new job listings.


Work At Home Jobs



I would like to take this chance to stress the importance of only applying for the telecommuting jobs that you have the qualifications for.  I've received a couple of emails from companies I've listed here and they are receiving numerous applications from unqualified applicants.  If employers receive too many resumes from applicants that are not qualified, they may choose to no longer offer telecommuting jobs.  Please keep this in mind when looking at the job listings.  Thank you!


The following companies appear to have telecommuting positions available according to the job postings on their websites:


B2B Appointment Setting Professional

Are you a sales savvy business professional with strong acumen and insight, who also loves the thrill of the chase?  Are you seeking to put your business-to-business sales know-how to work, right from the comfort of your own home? 


If these questions describe you, we have the job you’ve been seeking!

The sales hunter we are looking for must have no less than:
* 3+ years of outbound, business-to-business cold calling and appointment setting
* 5-7 years serving the business-to-business marketplace
* Have comfort and skill to navigate through all levels of an organization

* Experience with CRM or Contact Management software, ACT! is preferred
* Degree required.  Four year degree preferred.

* Have a home office complete with a computer equipped with High-Speed Internet   Access, printer, MS Word, MS Excel.  

* Candidates must reside in the U.S. and provide references upon request

* Criminal Background Checks performed; no felons accepted

To apply to become one of our team’s hunters, visit our website at www.bluezebraappointmentsetting.com or submit your resume via e-mail to Careers@BlueZebraUSA.com  with how you heard about us in the subject line. **I verified this information with the company**

Home-Based Agents

Alpine Access (www.alpineaccess.com), a leading provider of call center services using home-based agents, is looking for enthusiastic, customer service-oriented individuals.  Agents will be handling inbound customer calls from world-class companies such as Office Depot and 1-800-Flowers.  Alpine Access has been featured on both local and national news programs including NBC’s Today Show, and has been rated by Inc. Magazine, Deloitte and Touche, and the Denver Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado and the United States.  We provide flexible work schedules, hourly pay, paid training, voluntary benefits, a 401k, no commute, no expensive work wardrobe!  You must provide a personal computer running Windows 98 or later and Internet Explorer, Cable or DSL, a land line, and a corded phone/headset.  Agents are responsible for dialing into a 303/720 area code.  We are currently hiring in CO, UT, AZ and TX.  ** Agents must apply online at  www.alpineaccess.com  **I verified this information with the company and on their website**



Junior HTML Developer Needed:  Telecommute 

Please, no agencies, no offshore companies, no businesses.

Independent Consultant in Seattle looking for web helper on a project-by-project basis. Must be capable, trustworthy, independent, IM friendly (that’s the primary mode of communication around here), and easy to work with. Must be able to get things done quickly and completely and on short notice. Detail-oriented a must! Great opportunity for pt work at home. You are responsible for your own taxes.  Please don’t send your resume. How about a nice email introducing yourself, a few site urls and a few references instead?  First project is customizing a flash template. Easy and fun.
Must be able to work from a spec

www.LoriBratz.com or http://www.loribratz.com/?page_id=76

**I verified this information with the company*





Telecommuting Tips
An Interview with Sylvie Charrier,
author of You Can Work in Your PJs

Q: Sylvie, why did you write "You Can Work in Your PJs"?

I've written this eBook series so that people like you will find out
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what it
takes to build your business, and get those elusive telecommuting
jobs out there. Believe me, there are real home based jobs, but
what most of the work at home sites omit in their information
packages is that it takes work to get work. Finding a telecommuting
job can be a full time job in itself, but if you don't have all the facts,
you will be spinning your wheels trying to get somewhere and you
will probably give up within a few weeks. That would be a shame,
because there aren't enough high quality telecommuters as it is!

Q: How does someone who wants to work from home get a real

Real telecommuters know exactly how to work at home, and they
never run out of work. In fact, there are so many opportunities for
people who are willing to work, it's a wonder everyone isn't already
working from home! The trick to finding an unlimited supply of
homebased jobs is to create a niche service with very little
competition, and then be selective about the types of clients or
employers you want to work for. Too many people are wasting time
sending hundreds of resumes with no results, when the easiest
solutions are being ignored. That's what we talk about in
"You Can Work in Your PJs". We get down to the nitty gritty
and talk about the facts, not the hype.

Q: Why do you preach "Never Pay for Work"?

This is a very simple rule we obsessively preach and teach to
everyone we meet online. There is simply no reason why anyone
should ever pay money to work. I don't care if you're applying for a
homebased job or an onsite job, it's all the same. You wouldn't pay
to work in someone's office, so why pay to work at home? It just
isn't necessary!

Q: Isn't telecommuting just available for programmers and web

No way! In fact, most real telecommuters aren't very technical at all!
There's a huge need for people who are specialized and able to
handle the repetitive tasks that employers don't want to do for
themselves. the key is to be aware of exactly how to apply your
skills in a very targeted and specific way. Sending vague resumes
that say "I'm a homebased typist" is about as useless as walking
into a hamburger shop and demanding they serve caviar. It just
won't work. We teach you exactly how to be a typist, or researcher,
or desktop publisher (or anything else) from home and spend your
time working instead of just looking for work.

Q: How did you learn all these tricks and techniques? What were
you doing before you wrote this book?

You probably find this hard to believe, but when I started working
from home, I didn't have a dime to my name and I didn't have a
computer either. All I had was a typewriter and a telephone, and I
still managed to make a living from home. I am a single mother,
and at the time, I was on welfare! I still can't believe all that's
happened to bring me to this point, but a few years ago, I was so
busy with my homebased contracts that I was desperate for some
talented people to give me a hand. I started a company called
Workaholics4Hire. You might have heard of it. This company
specializes in working with telecommuters all over the world and
getting real homebased jobs for our members. But even this wasn't
enough for me. I knew there had to be a way I could help more
people become successful telecommuters, so I decided I would
write down all the tips and tricks I used to become successful. I
make well over $100,000 a year just working on projects for my
clients, and all from my home office. I wanted to create a simple
system that anyone could use to make a great living at home too,
doing real jobs! That's how "You Can Work in Your PJs"
came together. In this eBook, I literally share all my secrets so
anyone, no matter what their skills, can do exactly like I did and
learn to work from home forever!

Sylvie Charrier is the President and Founder of Workaholics4Hire.
You can download your own copy of "You Can Work in Your PJs"

by visiting http://hop.clickbank.net/?ssteele/inyourpjs


Between Moms exists to help moms find a way to stay home with their children while contributing financially to their families. We do our very best to bring you a selection of legitimate telecommuting jobs and business opportunities, but Between Moms IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the businesses or advertisers it links to.  Please exercise caution when looking for work at home jobs on the Internet!

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