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Our representatives go through a vigorous training period, during which our professional trainers test them on all aspects of call center etiquette and performance. While reps are on the job, we maintain quality control through whisper coaching, remote monitoring with supervisor and client access, recorded calls, and a supervisor-monitored chat applet. Above all, representatives are urged to always implement our SMILE customer service policy, designed to promote and ensure the best quality possible in customer relations.  Do you think you might qualify for this exciting position? Click here to apply . offers a friendly, progressive work environment with the ability for individual growth. We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to take on the responsibilities and challenges of the fast paced Internet environment.  You must be a licensed real estate agent to apply for this job.  You will conduct your real estate business from your home office, but you must also have the flexibility to be out of the home daily to show properties.  For more information and to apply for openings, please e-mail: or fax resume to the Human Resources Recruiter at (727) 724-9599. Click here to see where these jobs are available.



Become a Hausernet Decoy Agent.  We work with people all around the world to act as decoy agents for us. Your address is used with specially assigned names and codes which is then entered on our clients' mailing lists. You will receive mailings with these special names, so they are distinct from your own mail.  To learn more and to fill out an application go to


Be an Online Guide

Are you ready to become an online leader of a community of people who share your interests? Apply to become an About Guide!


Product Reviews

Writers are paid to give their opinions on products, toys, etc. Learn more and register at


Telecommuting Information Sites:


Telecommuters Work in Their PJs "You Can Work in Your PJs" is a real world guide to telecommuting. Using these simple techniques, you will be able to create your own work at home jobs, using your own skills and learn new strategies! Forget about looking at old and outdated job listings to find a job. That is NOT where the real jobs are! We'll teach you exactly how to create your own work from the comfort of your home, even if you have no idea where to begin! Download your copy today!


Home Job Stop

The best site for work at home jobs.  It requires a one time fee of $24, but it is a lifetime membership.  All jobs listed are legit jobs and will never ask you for money! 


Careers from Home
This is the ultimate meeting place for individuals and employers interested in the ultimate compromise in the new economy: telecommuting!  The fee is $14.95 a month or $44.95 for a year membership. is a specialty job board that focuses on companies that offer flexible working options. Unlike other general purpose job boards we list only Flexible and Work From Home job opportunities across many employment categories. Although most general purpose job boards are free for the job seeker; that doesn’t always mean that they're the best job resource for you.


5 Simple Techniques to Work at Home Forever
Copyright © 2003, Sylvie Charrier
Author of "You Can Work in Your PJs"


If you've spent any time online, you will already know that there
are lots of scams out there! You might have even begun to doubt
that there are any work-at-home positions available for serious
jobseekers. If this sounds like you, you aren't alone!

Believe me, there are real home based jobs, but what most of the
work at home sites omit in their information packages is that it
takes work to get work. Finding a telecommuting job can be a full
time job in itself, but if you don't have all the facts, you will be
spinning your wheels trying to get somewhere or you will probably
give up within a few weeks. That would be a shame, because there
aren't enough high quality telecommuters as it is!

Look, I know you’re skeptical. So was I, a few short years ago.
That was before I started implementing some very unique
strategies that allowed me to generate so much work from my
small home office, that I needed to hire extra staff just to keep up
with it all!

The strategies I used are actually very simple, and you can
duplicate these ideas to become a very successful telecommuter.
In fact, I want you to copy my techniques, even if it means I create
my own competition! Why? Because every time a new person
starts to work from home more successfully and efficiently, that
means one more employer is happy with the concept of hiring
homeworkers! That means everyone gets more jobs, and more
opportunities to do what we all love to do…working at home in our

So, let’s cover the top 5 simple techniques you can use to work at
home forever, shall we?

1. Never pay for any job! There is never a good reason to pay for
work, and I am amazed at how many jobseekers waste precious
time and money chasing after schemes that will never pay. It
wastes a lot of time you could better spend targeting your
jobsearch to legitimate and valid work.

2. Get your materials ready! You are going to need to be ready
before you start looking for work. You will need a specialized
telecommuter’s resume, an excellent cover letter template, and an
online portfolio that showcases samples of your work. Without
these things in place ahead of time, you will not be ready for rapid
response when an employer needs to see your stuff.

3. Make sure you have all the equipment and software you’re
going to need! Depending on your skill set, you’re probably going
to need special software and equipment to do your job right. Don’t
expect an employer to pay for these things. A prospective
employer is more likely to hire the next person who is properly
equipped, rather than hire you if you expect the employer to pay
for what you need to do your job.

4. Know what you do for a living! This is an absolute necessity if
you want to work from home. You may think that you want to do
“typing at home”, but if that’s all you can think of, then you’re
wasting time. Think about how your typing skills will be useful to
your employer, come up with creative applications of that skill, set
up samples to show what your service looks like, and plan ahead
on how much you will charge for that service. Be willing to tell
prospective employers exactly what you do and how much you
charge for it.

5. Change your strategy! Instead of looking for jobs that have
already been posted online, and have already been taken, look for
companies that are well suited for your talents. Create your own
work by contacting companies that have not yet posted jobs online,
and eliminate the competition. But, make sure you know exactly
what service you plan to offer that company, and why it is useful to
them. Don’t bother contacting companies by sending vague
resumes. That technique never works! Contact targeted
companies with specific services in mind, and let them know you
are open to alternate suggestions.

These techniques work extremely well, and using them allowed me
to build my home based service company from scratch, without
spending a dime on advertising. I was broke when I started
working from home, and I didn’t have a computer. Using these
techniques, I was able to slowly build my business and develop a
client base that has consistently earned me more money than if I
was working onsite. You can do it too!

This article is excerpted from “You Can Work in Your PJs”,
a real world guide to telecommuting. Sylvie Charrier works from
home full time and wrote this book to share her unique techniques
with others. You can download your own copy of
“You Can Work in Your PJs” by visiting



Between Moms exists to help moms find a way to stay home with their children while contributing financially to their families. We do our very best to bring you a selection of legitimate telecommuting jobs and business opportunities, but Between Moms IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the businesses or advertisers it links to.  Please exercise caution when looking for work on the Internet!


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